Validating material

24-Aug-2017 08:21

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A centralized testing facility provides comprehensive capabilities, including small-scale to large-scale, specialized, conventional, and nondestructive testing of materials.

The MTC’s testing and inspection services provide efficient, cost-effective support to the Corps’ material testing needs.

Is there a pattern that's recommended for form validation, like hooking up validity states of input controls to the disabled attribute of the submit button, etc?

Or is the idea that it gets handled in a completely ad hoc way, using on Change events and state variables?

In the Dynamic Tensile Extrusion (DTE) test, the material is subjected to very large strain, high strain rate and elevated temperature.

Numerical simulation, validated comparing with measurements obtained on soft-recovered extruded fragments, can be used to probe material response under such extreme conditions and to assess constitutive models.

In this work, the results of a parametric investigation on the simulation of DTE test of annealed OFHC copper - at impact velocity ranging from 350 up to 420 m/s - using phenomenological and physically based models (Johnson-Cook, Zerilli-Armstrong and Rusinek-Klepaczko), are presented.

Preliminary simulation of microstructure evolution was performed using crystal plasticity package CPFEM, providing, as input, the strain history obtained with FEM at selected locations along the extruded fragments.

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