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The large living room has a cathedral ceiling, and a sit-in bay window that recalls the look-out from a ship's wheelhouse.

He built the flag pole and fence to represent the flag mast on a ship located at the bow.

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Kevin just went on TMZ Live to clarify what he posted a few days back ...Born on June 12, 1904, in East Boston, Mass., the son of Danish immigrants, Byron lived the American Dream by all measures.He received his primary education in Woburn, Mass., and went to high school in Portsmouth, N. After completing studies at Northeastern University in Boston, he worked as a machinist at a number of Boston area shipyards before founding General Ship & Engine Works in East Boston.Synthetic fibre ropes are significantly stronger than their natural fibre counterparts, but also possess certain disadvantages, including slipperiness. Rayon is a regenerated fibre used to make decorative rope.

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Common natural fibres for rope are manila hemp, hemp, feathers, linen, cotton, coir, jute, straw, and sisal. The twist of the strands in a twisted or braided rope serves not only to keep a rope together, but enables the rope to more evenly distribute tension among the individual strands.A rope is a group of yarns, plies, fibers or strands that are twisted or braided together into a larger and stronger form.