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The influence of music came to Reece from his music teacher in his school.With his support, Reece started singing solo acoustics as well as performed in bands formed with his friends.Pair that with my huge imagination and you have just 19 of the stories that I have written and posted below, excluding the ones I have written and stashed for my eyes only. Give me black nail polish and red lipstick and I feel like I can accomplish anything. Country: Australia Favorite Book: Heist Society Series, The Gallagher Girls series, Beauty Queens, Leaving Jetty Road, Be Careful What You Wish For, Matched.Favorite Actors: Actor Luke Mitchell, Ryan Corr, Todd Lasance, Hugh Sheridan, Matt Passmore, Lincoln Younes, Nic Westaway, Dave Franco, Jackson Heywood Actresses: Rebecca Breeds, Demi Harman, Lisa Gormley, Indiana Evans Favorite Color: Indigo Favorite Show: Home & Away Favourite holiday destination: Sydney! I've already lost him to Ruby" Sasha"You think you've lost Casey to Ruby and she think she's lost Romeo to Ruby!The old fightus-interruptus" Sid"I know he's probably in MENSA or something like that, but you didn't make me banana bread! " Tatum Novak - Crownies "Esther, did you steal your coat from a homeless person? It's from Bondi market and I quite like it..." Esther Anderson"Did you pay for it? You float along with your little ups and downs and then, pop. When they're reunited four years later, will either of them be able to forgive the other for the life-changing secrets that they have both held close? Join Betty and Jughead's emotional, heartbreaking journey to healing and learning that love really can conquer all...

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James, who plays Justin Morgan on the Channel 7 soap, was photographed at the event with his arm around Isabella.

The Daily Telegraph goes on to say that the relationship is a new development, with Isabella splitting from her husband, Charlie Ford in August.

I've been privileged enough to meet: Angus Mc Laren, Demi Harman, Steve Peacocke, Ray Meagher (twice), Reece Mastin, Rhiannon Fish (twice), James Stewart, Ryan Corr, Erik Thomson, George Mason, Johnny Ruffo, Matt Little, Ada Nicodemou, Charlie Clausen, Tai Hara (twice) and Phillipa Northeast (twice).

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