Country girl on the dating couple dating place in singapore

04-Nov-2017 14:12

I can say that from first-hand experience, because I'm a down to earth country girl and my boyfriend is from a multimillionaire family from a huge city.

For us to make it work, we really had to sit down and talk about our lives.

We had to do that because it's really important for you two to understand the differences, backgrounds, and expectations of life in general.

For an example, if you tell her that you bought a 0 shirt from some designer store, your girlfriend might feel embarrassed that she's wearing a teeshirt.

She likes to go to the country anyway, and she wears casual clothing. But I'm a city boy, so I NEED my designer shirt and jeans, with flashy watches and my jordans lmfao but can I work out a realationship with her if she's interested?

To be honest, making this kind of relationship isn't the easiest.

But is she more of a pro girl these days or college football all the way? We learned to drive one of them pretty much as soon as we could reach the pedals, so we’re pretty used to being in control.

If you’re not asking her opinion on anything more than nachos vs. If you’re stuck in a ditch, not sure how to parallel park, or wondering how to back out of that long drive way, move over. We can dress up when we want to and look damn good too.

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